The exclusive social networking platform for professionals.

Vybbz is not just another networking group or event organiser. Vybbz has been designed to ease networking between like-minded professionals online through its app and offline during exclusive private events.

Why should you network?

As Tim Sanders said one day: “your network is your net worth”.

People don’t value networking as much as they should. Knowing the right people can boost your career and create new opportunities.


Meeting successful people will inspire you to reach higher heights and even go further. Finding a mentor that can advise and help you in your professional quest is invaluable and accessible to anyone that take the time to meet and connect with new people.

What is Vybbz?

As networkers ourselves we have always found that something was missing when attending networking events. Following up with the people we met was often difficult as we struggled to remember names and faces or find the time to meet up.


Vybbz makes networking easier by allowing you to connect directly on the app with people you will meet (or have met) at our events, and continue to stay in touch with them without forgetting who they are or what they do.


Furthermore, Vybbz will connect you with people that can bring value to your network, such as professionals holding similar or more senior roles in other organizations around the world.

What makes Vybbz different?

Vybbz differs in the way that it helps you to connect with other professionals from different industries online via the app and offline through organised entertaining events.

Those regular tailored events will bring together networkers that share similar interests and position. Those events will range from wine tasting to whiskey and cigar discovery without omitting photography, musical concerts or fashion evenings.

Our events are organised for you to network in a relaxed and entertaining environment. 

Come and network the Vybbz way

Vybbz aims to bring professionals from multiple industries to connect via the mobile app and during networking events. The ease and quality of connections mixed with an entertaining, fun and relaxed atmosphere are what distinguish us from others. 

Vybbz is changing the way we network by making networking fun, enjoyable and entertaining at the same time. You can see our past event in the "past events" and "gallery" sections for a feel of what to expect with Vybbz.

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