Building Relationships: Strategies for Networking with Successful People

Some people are tremendously good at making engaging conversations, as they managed to create a magnetic bond between you and their words, you feel hooked to every word they say. Having an engaging and animated conversation is indeed an art, and if you want to master the art of networking to build up your professional success, you must first, master the law of attraction.

Experts believe the trick is to avoid looking success-hungry, seemingly busy on your phone, and instead, being emotionally responsive, intelligently engaged, filled with advice and a helpful attitude, and of course, be immensely likeable.

Everyone likes to be around gay, merry and forthcoming people, and when it comes to business mixers, networking events, and corporate wine tastings, industry big-wigs and senior executives are certainly no exception. At Vybbz, we strongly recommend everyone to focus on building relationship that are long-lasting and built on the foundation of mutual respect, integrity, admiration and of course, cooperation.

As a young professional, you probably want to network with successful high-achievers and industry leaders with a highly-documented record of achievements, investments and success. At Vybbz mixers and networking events, you can get a plethora of opportunities to meeting corporate leaders and investors who can pick up your agenda if they like your ideas, inventions and innovations, provided you can convince them of the benefits and financial returns on their investment.

By cementing your authenticity, transparency and genuineness, it is important to regale them with your passion, and dedication to the job. Being knowledgeable about your goals and projects is also important to build mutually beneficial and beneficial corporate relationship. Most importantly, remember, one networking event or meeting won’t make or break your career. So, stay consistent and regular in making active networking efforts.


Let’s take a look at some simple strategies to help pick up your networking skills, make you a confident speaker, and help you establish relationships with influential and successful professionals:


First Impression is the Last Impression

The law of attraction dictates that we all emanate energy towards one another, which makes us all magnetic, now, all that remains to be learnt is how to use this energy while communicating and presenting oneself. It is important to be friendly and inviting, so people find it easy to strike up conversations with you. Be confident, and assure yourself that you are well likable.

While communicating with successful and affluent people, always given them respect and allow them to complete what they say. Introduce yourself in a distinctive manner, and always be thoughtful and mindful to what the other person is saying.

Remember, people have a habit of drawing hasty conclusions within seconds of meeting someone, so you need to focus on leaving an impressive first impression on people or investors you seek to build relationships with. At the end of the day, your job designation or your corporate dreams won’t matter as much as a good conversation and a fun character.


Define your Character

You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room to leave a good impression, but in fact, you need to be proud and confident about whatever qualities you possess. Successful people value dreams, ideas, work ethics, integrity, and positivity that is abundantly common in young professionals stepping into the industry.

Executives, professionals and experts are always on the hunt for protégés and young professionals they can mentor and introduce to the corporate world. You need to make sure you are a constant work in progress, and capable of approaching others for advice, and incorporating what you learn into your game plan. The key is to learn from the strengths and weaknesses of all your peers, mentors and competitors.


Communicate Confidently

It is important to approach successful and affluent people with an engaging and interesting subject, one that would draw their interest and make them feel compelled to hear you out. At business mixers and networking events, we have often seen affluent industry leaders pretending to hear out passionate young dream chasers out of courtesy. But the truth is, such an interaction cannot offer any real value for your personal growth or professional development.

It is important to be well-versed in market research, latest developments and trends, politics and international trends, and current events before you arrive at a networking event. People love getting embroiled in heated discussions and debates on market trends and politics. Naturally, presenting well-thought and insightful opinions will help you build a powerful reputation of being well-informed and well-read.


Avoid Tapping on your Smartphone

Many people find it difficult to leave their smartphones in their pockets or handbags while they are talking to people. Many other people find it excruciatingly annoying when people are constantly tapping on their smartphones instead of giving them their full attention. It’s true that technology improves connectivity and brings us closer to people. However, it also creates distances and disturbances, so be sure to network the room without a smartphone dangling in your hands.

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